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UK-registered provider of affordable cosmetic, restorative and preventative dental treatments in Istanbul, Turkey. Face-to-face consultations and aftercare are available in London through a GDC-registered dentist.

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Dental treatment with Longevita will give you the smile makeover you desire. We are the one and only medical tourism company to rank 31st in The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 League Table 2020, being among Britain’s top 100 companies owing to its fast growth. 

We provide a comprehensive range of the best dental treatments at the most affordable prices. Customised treatment plans are offered to all our patients with the assistance of 7 affiliate imaging centres in the UK

  • London 
  • Birmingham 
  • Manchester 
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  • Bristol 
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Dental Veneers

Thin laminates bonded to the surface of the teeth to restore function and aesthetics.

Composite Bonding

Composite-resin putty is applied to the teeth for repairing, reshaping or resizing them. 

Dental Implants

A titanium metal post is anchored into the jawbone, and an artificial tooth is placed on top. 


Dental care in Turkey can be more than 80% cheaper than in the UK or US. And while “cheap” is usually equated with bad, the truth is it’s due to the country’s economy. 

The cost of living is much lower in Turkey than in the UK, US, or Europe. Over the years, the standards of dental healthcare in the country have improved.

However, for foreigners, the costs of different dental surgeries in Turkey have remained low because of the exchange rate and the depreciation of the lira. 

Another factor that’s contributed to making dental care affordable is the competitiveness of the dental tourism industry.

Since so many clinics are competing for the same patients, it has led to a lowering of the dentists in Turkey prices. That is why Longevita also offers the best price guarantee. 

However, with the cheaper prices, you also have to be careful about avoiding any illegal, unregistered clinics. If you’re offered a very low price for your teeth surgery in Turkey, there may be something wrong with the clinic. 

While compared to the UK, the prices can seem pretty cheap, you should make sure to find the average price in a particular area. In addition, you should check out the online reviews of that clinic to make sure that it truly is the best dental clinic in Turkey. 

Do your research right, and you can find the best dentists in Istanbul, Turkey that are highly skilled, specialized, and even internationally accredited.

And the reason why you may find Turkey so cheap is because of the economic differences between your country and Turkey.


Longevita only chooses the best dental clinics in Istanbul that are registered with the Ministry of Health. They all have state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure. 

Moreover, these clinics have some of the top dentists in Turkey that are registered with the Turkish Dental Association. So, the goal is to ensure the provision of the highest quality of patient care.  

We regularly audit and monitor these clinics to ascertain patient satisfaction with dentists in Turkey, Istanbul. A strict code of ethical conduct is also followed.

And this is all at the best Istanbul dentist prices guarantee so you can get the smile makeover of your dreams.


We provide medical treatments, accommodation, airport transfers and a personal host.

5 Star Hotel Accommodation

Private VIP Airport Transfers

English Speaking Interpreters


UK Presence

We have affiliate dental imaging centres in 7 cities in the UK so that you can get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Best Price Guarantee

We offer a price match guarantee for any equivalent cosmetic dental treatment in Turkey, so you can have a Hollywood smile at the best price.


All the healthcare professionals we work with have malpractice insurance, giving our patients peace of mind and confidence in their decision. 


We accept direct debit payments, so you can spread costs and be flexible about financing your dental treatments.

Pay In Instalments

Payments can be made in instalments through our monthly payment plan.

Quality Treatments

The dental clinic in Turkey is registered with the Ministry of Health, while the doctors are members of national and international organisations.


With Longevita, you can have an excellent treatment experience in a luxury and modern dental clinic in Turkey. With its spacious rooms and scenic views of the city, you will feel relaxed as soon as you enter it.

All clinics are equipped with the latest dental technology to offer the best results to our patients. The dentists even source materials from Germany and the US. 

Additionally, these clinics have aerated rooms and use autoclave machines for sterilisation. This ensures hygiene in all the spaces. And while you’re there, our friendly and supportive staff will be there to help you along the way.


Free Consultations at Your Convenience

Longevita offers free e-consults with its highly-qualified Case Managers. They’ll discuss your needs and goals and prepare a customised treatment plan for you, including a no-obligation price quote.

Dental imaging is a part of the consultation; its fee will be added to the total cost of the treatment.

Imaging Centers in the UK


1. Send your pictures or dental images for medical evaluation.

2. Get a bespoke treatment plan and price quote

3. Book a free no-obligation consultation to learn more


Dental tourism is very popular in Turkey. Every year, the country welcomes thousands of tourists looking to get their teeth done. 

Many of the best dentists in Turkey are specialists who have been practising for over a few decades. And in order to become specialists, they first need to study in dental schools for 5 years, which is followed by a specialisation exam and a 3-4 year-long residency. 

To practice, Turkish dentists also need to be members of the Turkish Dental Association (TDA). This organization further monitors their work to ensure that high-quality services are provided. 

Therefore, you can have peace of mind while getting dental treatment in Turkey. And keep in mind that since so many dental tourists come to Turkey every year, these dentists have become some of the most experienced in their respective fields. 

You also don’t have to worry about a language barrier. Usually, dentists in Istanbul can communicate with you in English, but we will also have a dedicated translator accompany you to your appointments.

Additionally, aftercare shouldn’t be a concern either. We offer it both virtually and in person in the UK. So, if you have any problems during recovery, you only need to reach out to our Aftercare team for help.

On our own, we’ll also follow your progress at regular intervals to make sure that you’re recovering healthily.

Patient Testimonials

Carley Crown

Carley Brindle

“I have come to Longevita in Istanbul to have my crowns done for my teeth. From the transfer from the airport, the dentist, everything’s been absolutely wonderful. It’s been a brilliant experience. You’re very, very well looked after, and I’m very happy so far.

Ryan Bates

“One of the reasons why I chose Longevita was due to the aftercare support that you do get back in the UK afterwards. I trust Longevita because I’ve seen the results that a friend of mine has had, so I really wanted to get the same result myself. And the price is much, much more reasonable, and of course, the quality doesn’t suffer because of the price.”

Ryan Bates


What is the cost of dental treatments in Turkey? 

The cost of dental treatments in Turkey depends on the severity of your problem and the kind of treatment you’re undergoing. It also depends on the material used for dental restorations (porcelain, resin, zirconia). Teeth in Turkey price can be lowered if you’re getting multiple treatments.

Is it safe to get your teeth done in Turkey?

The dental sector in Turkey is regulated by the Ministry of Health. Registration with this government body is required for dental clinics to operate legally in Turkey. It is important to check the registration of the dental clinic in Istanbul and to ask about the dentist’s experience when looking to get dental treatment in Turkey.

Is dental good in Turkey?

Dental education in Turkey is competitive with that in other countries. Not only are dentists in Turkey highly educated, but they also have vast experience with patients belonging to different ethnicities. In addition, many of the best dentists in Turkey, Istanbul are members of national and international dental organisations.

Is it cheaper to get your teeth done in Turkey?

The cost of dental treatments in Turkey is generally lower than in the United Kingdom or the United States. It can be as much as 4-5 times cheaper, allowing you to save up to 80% on teeth treatment in Turkey.

Should I get my teeth done in Turkey?

People from Europe, the UK, the Middle East, North Africa, Eurasia and Asia choose dental care in Turkey. The country continues to host millions of medical tourists every year. There are many best dentists in Turkey, Istanbul. So if you’re also seeking high-quality, low-cost, and quick dental service, you can consider coming to Turkey.

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