Dental Mouthwash: Is It Necessary?

dental mouthwash

Dental mouthwash is one of those things that many people question the need for. While it’s not a substitute for either brushing or flossing the teeth, some people still have it as a part of their oral hygiene routine for reasons that can be therapeutic, preventative or even cosmetic. But apart from understanding the various … Read more

What To Know About Sensitive Teeth

tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a fairly common problem that many people have experienced in their lives. There are a number of reasons why it can happen, such as an unhealthy diet or even the way you brush your teeth. While sometimes it’s temporary and a side effect of dental treatments, other times, it can be a … Read more

Dental Treatment Anesthesia

dental anesthesia

Fear of pain is one of the reasons why some people avoid going to the dentist. But there’re others who also feel anxious and even find it hard to sit still. In both these and other instances, dental anesthesia can be hailed as a blessing of modern medicine. There are different types of anaesthetics for … Read more

Dental Check-Ups

dental check ups

A dental check-up involves the teeth and gums being checked by a dental professional to detect any oral health issues. The idea behind it is simple: prevention is better than cure. Also, it’s less expensive, especially in the long run. However, not many people are sure what a “dental check-up” exactly entails, and how long … Read more

Treatments for Sore Gums


It is not uncommon to experience sore gums, which refer to pain or aches in the gum tissue. However, depending on the underlying cause of the problem, this soreness can also be accompanied by other symptoms, such as bleeding, swelling, bad breath, sensitivity, ulcers, etc. Not all causes of sore gums might be serious, however, … Read more

How To Clean The Tongue? How To Use A Tongue Scraper?

tongue scraper

Many people clean their tongues while brushing their teeth. However, there are special tools designed to specifically clean the tongue. These are known as tongue scrapers.  Essentially, these are handheld instruments with curved edges or grooves that you place on your tongue to get rid of the unpleasant-looking coat on it.  But that’s not all … Read more

What Is Gum Recession? How To Stop Receding Gums?

gum recession

Gum recession is something that many people experience. It is, as the name suggests, a situation in which the gum tissue surrounding the teeth starts to move away. As a result, more of the tooth’s surface is exposed.  Even though it’s a common problem, it shouldn’t be taken lightly since it can lead to gum … Read more

Does A Rotten Tooth Cause Bad Breath?

Does A Rotten Tooth Cause Bad Breath

One of the most off-putting oral health problems is halitosis or bad breath. While there are different reasons why you might have this (poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, smoking, sugary foods, and illness), some wonder: Does a rotten tooth cause bad breath? The answer to that is yes.  Badly decayed teeth are also referred to … Read more

What You Should Know About Buck Teeth

buck teeth

Buck teeth refers to a condition in which the upper teeth abnormally overlap the lower teeth. Some say they’re so-called because a male rabbit with its large teeth is known as a “buck.”  It’s not just that these teeth are extended and large (especially in contrast to the surrounding teeth). Sometimes, these teeth can also … Read more

Is It Safe To Have Dental Implants In Turkey?

is it safe to have dental implants in turkey

The Turkish dental boom has helped many, but there are others who are wary of visiting the country. The low cost, however, remains an irresistible lure, especially for those seeking more expensive procedures like dental implants.  Where one dental implant costs £2,500 in the UK, it’s only around £500 in Turkey. Even after you factor … Read more

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