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At Longevita, we believe that everyone deserves to smile confidently, happily, and healthily. A smile isn’t just about aesthetics; it can impact your emotional well-being as well. So, we strive to find the best dental clinics in Turkey.

Longevita’s Philosophy

We aim to make high-quality dental treatments affordable and accessible to everyone who needs them.

Turkish medical tourism can allow you to receive your treatment within a few days instead of waiting for a long period of time and having your condition worsen.

In the case of a publicly funded healthcare system, many people are unable to get the treatment that they need in time, which affects their physical and mental health.

Healthwatch England presents a dire picture of the state of NHS dentistry. 

According to the watchdog’s report, NHS dentistry’s wait times vary between 6 months to 3 years, with thousands of people on the list.

Even those who need emergency care and are in excruciating pain may have to end up waiting for more than a month. 

Their findings also suggest that people are having difficulty making appointments, and those who do have them are having them rescheduled or cancelled. In some cases, patients are mistakenly categorised as private, which increases their expenses.

Increasingly, people are turning to private practice in the UK due to a lack of timely care, but its costs are sky-high. Because some people cannot afford them, they even try to treat themselves, making matters worse.

That’s why Longevita considers it important to work with an affordable, accessible, and high-quality dental clinic in Turkey. 

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How We Find the Best Dental Clinics in Turkey?

We identified the obstacles patients face when seeking dental care. 

Patient Safety

The quality of healthcare in another country is one of the biggest concerns of patients when travelling for dental treatment. That’s because they’re not completely aware of the regulations and authorities that govern the sector. 

In Turkey, the Ministry of Health (MoH) audits medical facilities to ensure patient safety and the delivery of high-quality care. Longevita’s patients are only treated in those clinics that are registered with the MoH and have state accreditation.

All of these clinics use autoclave machines that utilise heated steam to kill microorganisms on surgical instruments, devices, and linens. It is also used to sterilise all areas of the clinic, not just the operating room.

This kind of steam sterilisation is non-toxic and effective. And this is very important to us to ensure the safety of our patients when they’re in Turkey for their dental procedures.   

The clinics are also equipped with the latest technology, which is essential in providing different kinds of surgeries and improving overall outcomes and patient satisfaction rates.

Virtual Aftercare Program

Once you book your initial consultation with us, we’ll be there from the beginning and stay until the end of your dental journey.

Many patients hesitate to travel to another country because they’re worried about aftercare.

Once they travel back home, how will the follow-up take place and what if a complication arises? 

When you return home after your procedure, you can feel safe knowing that your dentist will conduct regular follow-ups online through the Aftercare department, free of charge.

This is a 12-month aftercare program to ensure that you are healing properly. 

You can also access the Support Portal where you can find helpful guides and infographics for more information on aftercare.

If you still have any further questions or you need help, you can open a ticket there. So, we’ll be by your side virtually all the time.

Best Price Guarantee

With our price match policy, we offer all our patients the best price guarantee for all dental procedures in Turkey. In addition, they can avail of a discount if they’re getting more than one procedure. 

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How Longevita Maintained the Best Dental Clinics In Turkey During COVID-19

To ensure patient safety during the pandemic, the Turkish Ministry of Health outlined specific measures. We only worked with clinics that followed these measures.

The patients coming in for their dental procedures were also screened for COVID-19.

Any patients who were positive had their appointments rescheduled at a later date. 

We followed all the disinfection protocols.

Surfaces, surgical equipment and devices, and floors were all kept clean in the medical facilities. Because of dental aerosols, special attention was paid to ventilation and changing the air there.

All staff wore personal protective equipment, had their masks and gloves on, and maintained social distancing. 

We took all possible precautions to assess risks and manage them to prevent the spread of the infection.

Additionally, physical barriers were installed in transfer cars, and hand sanitisers’ availability was ensured.

With the vaccine rollout, each and everyone on the team was fully vaccinated.

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How Longevita Finds Dental Clinics in Turkey

Longevita’s chosen dentists will perform the procedures in their private clinic or hospital. However, before that, we make sure that it meets certain selection criteria. In line with the British Dental Association, we also believe in and are committed to:  

  • Advancing the arts, sciences, and ethics of dentistry
  • Improving the oral health of the people
  • Sharing our knowledge and expertise

Only those clinics following the best practices and standards in dentistry work with Longevita. 

Code of Ethical Conduct

It’s important that the clinics maintain the following standard of ethical conduct:

  • Ensure open communication with patients and obtain their informed consent. 
  • Convey realistic expectations to the patient and do not misinform them about the necessity of the treatment. 
  • Health and safety of the patient will always be put first. 
  • No patient will be discriminated against based on their age, sex, religion, or ethnicity. 
  • Patient confidentiality will be maintained.

Accreditations of Dental Clinics

When looking for a clinic in Turkey for dental treatment, you should make sure to find out all the accreditations that particular facility has. You can ask for a member of the staff to assist you with that. 

Ministry of Health (MoH)

It’s the vision of this public health authority to ensure that people have “healthy lifestyles and easy access to healthcare.” And it has set various policies in place to do just that.

It’s a body that provides “directions and regulations” to others and sets goals and strategies and develops plans.

All of Longevita’s chosen clinics follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. They are all registered with it and regulated by it.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

All the medical facilities within the UK are registered with the Care Quality Commission.

It’s an independent regulatory body that ensures to “provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care.”

It also encourages constant improvement in the services provided. All our chosen affiliate imaging centres are also registered with it.

For More Information

Longevita regularly audits and monitors the facilities it works with to ensure patient satisfaction. For any further information about the certification and accreditation of a medical facility or surgeon, contact us.

If you’ve booked your treatment and are wondering about your clinic, we can help you know more about it. Longevita’s staff is always here to help you with all your queries.

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