Hollywood Smile Turkey

A Hollywood Smile Turkey alludes to the perfectly aligned, white, and straight teeth of Hollywood celebrities. 

To this end, many dental clinics in Turkey offer a combination of treatments that can fix a variety of dental issues, such as diastema (gaps between teeth), crookedness, discolouration, chipping, decay, and uneven gums to achieve the quintessential Hollywood Smile. 

In the last few years, the “Hollywood Smile” has become quite popular for different reasons. 

According to a survey conducted by DentaVox, a Hollywood Smile is perceived as even more attractive than a natural smile. That is mainly why so many people end up having this procedure. 

What Is A Hollywood Smile Turkey?

A Hollywood Smile refers to a combination of dental procedures that aim to improve the cosmetic appearance of the teeth and gums. Usually, it includes the following treatments: 

You don’t necessarily need all these treatments to have a Hollywood Smile. It depends on the condition of your teeth and your goals and expectations. 

For instance, if you only have minor aesthetic problems, composite bonding can help you. And you can combine it with teeth whitening (if needed) for even better results. 

Eventually, the goal of the Hollywood Smile treatment in Turkey or elsewhere is to smooth out or eliminate any problems in the appearance of the teeth so they look “perfect.” 

However, in order to achieve that, sometimes, additional procedures might be needed, such as a tooth extraction or implant surgery.

Hollywood Smile with Dental Crowns

  • Dental crowns straight teeth

How Much Does A Hollywood Smile Turkey Smile Cost?

Hollywood Smile Turkey can cost anywhere from £3,000 to £6,000 or even more. 

Keep in mind that the cost of a Hollywood Smile largely depends on the extent of treatment, types of treatments, number of teeth involved, and materials used. Based on that, here’s a breakdown of the Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey

Treatment Cost/Tooth 
Gum Contouring £40 (or $50)
Composite Bonding £75 (or $85)
Dental Crowns £200 (or $250)
Dental Veneers £225 (or $280)
Teeth Whitening£250 (or $300) for the entire smile line

Due to Turkey’s currency exchange rate and low cost of living, Hollywood Smile in Turkey prices are still cheaper than in many developed countries.

Additionally, Hollywood Smile dental clinics also try to improve the patient experience by offering all-inclusive treatment plans that have hotel, transfers, translators, anaesthesia, medication and aftercare all in them. 

Therefore, even after you factor in the cost of flight tickets, the Hollywood Smile in Turkey price might still be 50% less than in the UK, US, Canada or Europe.

Hollywood Smile Price UK

The Hollywood Smile UK price can be anywhere between £10,000 and £15,000. 

Since Hollywood Smile is purely cosmetic, you won’t be able to get it on the NHS for this reason. 

While a few of the procedures included in a Hollywood Smile are available on the NHS, they’re only available when “clinically necessary.” 

And even if you’re eligible, the waiting list and long queues prompt many people to seek private dental care instead.  

And privately, the Hollywood Smile price in the UK also varies depending on the location of the clinic and the experience of the dentist, in addition to the above-mentioned factors. 

To get a better understanding of the different Hollywood Smile prices, here are the costs of each treatment. 

Treatment NHS Cost Private Cost/Tooth 
Gum ContouringUnavailable  £150-£300
Composite Bonding Unavailable£200-£400
Dental Crowns £306.80£300-£1,000
Dental Veneers£306.80£500-£1,000
Teeth WhiteningUnavailable£500-£,1000 for the smile line

Consultations, medications, and follow-ups usually have separate costs and can be in hundreds of pounds or more.

Am I Suitable For Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile Types

There are different types of Hollywood teeth treatments, which are as follows: 

Hollywood Smile Crown

Dental crowns are thicker tooth caps that surround all the surfaces of the teeth. They don’t replace your natural teeth. 

Instead, they go on top of them (unless there’s an implant in place). However, because it’s not possible to simply place them, your underlying teeth need to be shaved. 

These are best suited for moderate to severe issues related to the health of the tooth, its structural integrity, colour, alignment, or shape.

Typically, dental crowns are mostly used to give people a Hollywood Smile makeover. 

Hollywood Smile Veneers

Veneers are wafer-thin, tooth-like shells that are placed on the front surface of the teeth to reshape them. Depending on your budget and aesthetic goals, there are different materials for Hollywood veneers that you can choose from. 

For instance, there’s porcelain, zirconium, E-max, and composite. They are well-suited for addressing slight issues related to teeth’s colour, alignment, length, shape, and spacing. 

It’s possible to achieve a Hollywood Smile with just dental veneers.  

Hollywood Smile Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening is also a very popular treatment for the achievement of a Hollywood Smile. It uses a peroxide-based bleaching agent to make the teeth shade lighter. 

Mainly, there are two types of teeth whitening treatments: at-home and in-office. In the former, the dentist prepares a custom teeth whitening kit for you that you can use at home. 

In the latter, your teeth are whitened with a bleaching agent and laser in an in-office setting.

The biggest advantage of this is that it uses a higher concentration of bleaching agent. Essentially, it’s stronger, so it can give you quicker and better results. 

Still, keep in mind that, in general, teeth whitening doesn’t give too dramatic results. There are a number of factors affecting the outcome, including your age, tooth structure, and overall oral health. 

Hollywood Smile Gum Contouring 

Gum contouring is a relatively less-known treatment for a Hollywood Smile.

Essentially, it reshapes the pink gum tissue around the teeth. It either removes excess gum tissue or adds to it, making the gums more even. 

This treatment is usually combined with dental veneers, crowns or composite bonding to improve the overall aesthetics of the smile. 

Is Hollywood Smile A Good Idea?

A Turkey Hollywood Smile can enhance the overall aesthetics of your smile and also make you feel more confident in it, which is why it can be worth it.

It is well-known that the appearance of a person’s smile impacts how they’re perceived by others. Even positive traits like intelligence and attractiveness are associated with them. And this can, in turn, impact their personal, social and professional lives.

Therefore, getting clean, bright and symmetrical teeth through different Hollywood Smile treatments can be a good idea.

This is especially if you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth and try to hide them but want to change things.

What To Do To Have A Hollywood Smile?

To get a Hollywood Smile, you need to ensure good oral health before the treatment. 

That means brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and avoiding smoking and tobacco (for as long as advised by your dentist). 

If you’re on any medication, make sure to inform your dentist in advance. If you have any gum disease or severe misalignment issues, you’d need other dental procedures to address them first. 

Importantly, it’s a good idea to consult the dentist before the treatment about whether or not you’re the right candidate for a Hollywood Smile. 

If you’re recommended a particular treatment plan, ask your dentist why they advised it and if it has any alternatives. 

On your end, you should be clear on exactly what you’re looking for so the treatments meet your aesthetic needs. Make sure to check out the Hollywood Smile before and after photos for that. 

pre op instructions

How Hollywood Smile Is Done

hollywood smile turkey

Depending on the type of treatment(s) you’re undergoing, the treatment plan for a Hollywood Smile dental can vary. 

In general, however, it begins with a face-to-face consultation with your dentist. During that, they’ll go over the procedure, its potential risks and complications, and results with you.

The dentist will also try to get a clearer idea of what you’re looking for so you have the most suitable treatment plan. 

Following that, you’ll head for your first of 2-3 appointments. They’re usually spaced at an interval of 2-3 days. Although, not all of them require multiple visits. For instance, teeth whitening only requires one appointment. 

In your last appointment, you’ll be explained the aftercare. And the results are usually immediately visible. 

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What Is The Procedure For Getting A Hollywood Smile Turkey?

The procedure for getting Hollywood Smile teeth in Turkey begins with a consultation. 

Following that, depending on the type of procedure, you may be given local anaesthesia. This happens when you’re getting Hollywood teeth veneers, crowns, or gum contouring treatments. 

For crowns and veneers, the anaesthesia is followed up by tooth prepping and impression-making. The latter is sent to a lab where permanent restorations are made and then fitted onto the patient’s teeth.

If you’re getting composite bonding, on the other hand, there won’t be any need for anaesthesia. The procedure is painless since the dentist just roughens the tooth surface with acid before putting the composite resin. It’s then hardened and shaped like natural teeth. 

For teeth whitening, scale and polish are done first. After that, bleaching agents are applied to the teeth, and a laser is shone on them. In the end, your dentist will clean your gums, and you’ll be done. 

In the case of gum contouring, the patient’s gum tissue is removed with a scalpel or laser. Or it’s added through the removal of tissue in other parts of the mouth. You’ll probably leave with stitches in either case.

How Many Teeth Is A Hollywood Smile?

The number of teeth included in a Hollywood Smile depends on the number of teeth visible in a person’s smile line, their aesthetic needs, and the size/shape of the teeth. It can vary between 1 and 28 or even more.

For instance, if you’re getting teeth whitening, it usually covers the front teeth only. If you’re getting crowns, they can be used to replace the entire front and back teeth. The same goes for dentures.

But it depends on what you want from the treatment. If you only have an issue with a single tooth because it’s chipped, cracked or badly stained, you can get the best Hollywood Smile in Turkey by just getting that one tooth fixed.

Is Hollywood Smile Fake Teeth?

All dental prostheses use artificial materials to resemble teeth. So, they are fake, but they still look like natural teeth. This includes dental crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, and implants.

However, not all of them completely replace your natural teeth. For instance, in dental veneers, the natural teeth are only minimally shaved to make space for the veneers. Otherwise, they’d look bulky and fake.

Similarly, crowns also retain natural teeth since they’re used to cap them. Although, this treatment requires more aggressive tooth shaving.

Why Is Turkey Preferred For Hollywood Smile

Every year, many people come to Turkey to get a Hollywood Smile. There is a reason for this, mainly because it is very affordable. You can save between 50% to 70% on UK prices by getting a Hollywood Smile Turkey

Reasons for The Popularity of Dental Tourism in Turkey
Low Cost
High Quality
Experienced Dentists
All-Inclusive Treatment Plans
Vacation-like Atmosphere of Turkey

Usually, low-cost leads to people thinking that the quality is also low. However, the Hollywood Smile cost isn’t the only thing that makes Turkey so attractive to dental tourists. 

People are also able to get very high-quality dental care for a low price, which is what matters the most when it comes to aesthetic treatments. So, you can get the best Hollywood Smile teeth for the best price in Turkey. 

While high competition between clinics further drives down the cost, you still need to be careful in finding a Hollywood Smile clinic that’s registered with the health authorities. 

Because dental tourism is so popular, good dentists have a lot of experience in doing Hollywood Smiles in Istanbul, among other procedures. 

With us, you also don’t have to worry about communication since multilingual Patient Coordinators will accompany you to your appointments in the Hollywood Smile dental clinics in Turkey

After you’ve had the procedure, you may also be able to enjoy the vacation-like atmosphere of Turkey, which many find very relaxing. And once you fly back home, you’ll also have the support of Aftercare.  

These are the main reasons why dental tourists prefer Turkey for these treatments, and they rave about the same in many Hollywood Smile Turkey reviews.


How long does it take to get a Hollywood Smile?

Treatment duration for Hollywood Smile depends on the treatment itself. If it’s teeth whitening, composite bonding, or gum contouring, it’s just 1 day. But for crowns or veneers, it can take a week.

What are the benefits of a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

The main benefit of getting a Hollywood Smile in Turkey is the cost. But you also get the best Hollywood teeth in terms of quality for a relatively low cost.

Why should I get a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile quite affordably, it can be a good idea to consider Turkey for your Hollywood Smile makeover.

How much does a Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey?

Hollywood teeth cost in Turkey can vary between £80 and £5,500. Keep in mind that it very much depends on the type of treatment you’re getting, its extent and the materials of restorations (when applicable).

Does insurance cover Hollywood Smile?

Insurance is unlikely to cover a Hollywood Smile since it’s an elective procedure. You’ll have to get it privately.

Is Hollywood Smile permanent?

A Hollywood Smile can be permanent depending on the kind of treatment you’re undergoing. Gum contouring is permanent, but tooth restorations and teeth whitening aren’t. Bonding usually lasts for 2-3 years, veneers for 5-10 years, crowns for 10-15 years and in-office teeth whitening for 6 months-1 year.

What is the difference between Hollywood Smile and veneers?

Veneers are simply one of the treatments used to achieve a Hollywood Smile. A Hollywood Smile, on the other hand, includes different cosmetic procedures to achieve a straighter, whiter smile.

Does Hollywood Smile cause bad breath?

On its own, a Hollywood Smile should not give you bad breath. However, if you have one, it could be a sign of an oral health problem or poor oral health.

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