Can You Whiten Teeth With A Banana Peel?

banana peel teeth whitening

TikTok may have breathed new life into the banana peel teeth whitening trend, which has a staggering 32.1 million views on the platform alone, but it’s been around for over a decade now! And while it’s hard to beat the allure of “natural” and “cheap” teeth whitening methods, as far as banana peels are concerned, … Read more

Is Chlorhexidine Mouthwash Good For Teeth?

chlorhexidine mouthwash

Chlorhexidine mouthwash is widely known for its strong antibacterial effects, and it’s used for the management of several oral health conditions, including plaque accumulation and gum disease. While this mouthwash is considered quite effective, on the other hand, there are some serious risks that can accompany its usage. It’s not like any other mouthwash either, … Read more

What Does A Sinus Lift Involve?

Sinus lift

A sinus lift is a dental procedure that involves the lifting of the sinus membrane for the placement of a bone graft. The goal of this surgery is to create sufficient bone structure to support a dental implant. Without enough bone, there’s the potential of the implant drilling into the sinus itself. There are different … Read more

Are Dental Snap-On Veneers Actually Good?

snap on veneers

The internet is divided over snap-on veneers; while cost-weary individuals don’t mind seeking them out for their affordability, some professionals caution against their use. Also known as removable or clip-on veneers, they’re quite different from their traditional counterpart. Unlike the latter, these don’t require any teeth shaving and can also be easily popped on and … Read more

What Is A Dental Cantilever Bridge?

Dental cantilever bridge

A dental bridge is a type of restoration used to replace or fill a gap left by missing teeth. Depending on the construction of the bridge and what it’s anchored to, there are four different types of bridges: implant-supported bridge, traditional bridge (anchored to teeth on either side of the gap), Maryland bridge (anchored with … Read more

Emily Blunt’s Teeth: Are They Really Her Own?

Emily Blunt teeth

Hardly a few would be unaware of the British megastar Emily Blunt, renowned for her ability to consistently captivate audiences with spellbinding performances. Whether she’s playing a cold, prickly assistant to a demanding “devil” or shrieking agonisingly in a bathtub, Emily has a knack for seamlessly immersing herself into her characters and making the viewers … Read more

What Is Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

A cracked tooth syndrome (CTS), as the name suggests, is a type of dental issue that results in the formation of a crack on a tooth. While in some cases, this condition can be asymptomatic, in others, it can cause enough discomfort to seek help. And timely medical intervention can be quite important as it … Read more

Peri-Implantitis: Signs, Treatment, & Prevention

woman holding implant set

While the long-term survival rate of dental implants has been reported somewhere between 93.3-98%, as per a 2021 research published in BMC Oral Health, it’s still possible for them to “fail.” Dental implant failure can be attributed to various factors, such as poor oral hygiene, health issues, and surgical errors, among others. Peri-implantitis is among … Read more

Taurodontism: Types, Causes & Treatment

woman worried about teeth

Taurodontism is a type of dental abnormality that you might not even know you have. It’s a type of condition which results in the enlargement of the tooth’s body at the expense of its roots. The outcome is a tooth resembling that of a bull, hence deriving its name from “tauro,” meaning bull, and “odont,” … Read more

Taylor Swift Teeth: Are They Real?

taylow swift teeth

The name Taylor Swift hardly needs any introduction. From her captivating vocals and poignant songwriting to the palpable ‘Swift Effect,’ which revitalises economies in her wake, the singer stands as a timeless cultural icon. While the Taylor Swift phenomenon could have books written about it, this isn’t the place for it. That’s because, here, we’re … Read more

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