How Tom Cruise Got His Teeth Done 

Being one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Tom Cruise is no stranger to rumours and controversies. Tom Cruise’s teeth have been at the centre of it from time and time again. Known for his dashingly good looks and versatility as an actor, the megastar is still flying high even as he approaches his 60s.  … Read more

Root Planing: Benefits, Procedure, Recovery & Cost

root planing

Sometimes, brushing and flossing the teeth is not enough to clean them, and there’s no other home remedy. In that case, you need deep cleaning – scaling and root planing – in an in-office professional setting.  Root planing is a non-surgical treatment that you need to undergo if you want to prevent further deterioration of … Read more

Simon Cowell Teeth: What’s Wrong With His Blindingly Pearly Whites?

simon cowell teeth

There are two things that Simon Cowell is famously known for: his insults and ultra-white grin (contrary to the bad British teeth myth). Simon Cowell’s teeth have been a subject of much scrutiny and ridicule.  The X-factor supremo is no stranger to the world of smile makeovers, and since he is a man of money, … Read more

Black Triangle Teeth: Causes, Risks & Treatments 

black triangle teeth

Many people have slight gaps and spaces between their teeth due to one reason or another. However, sometimes, geometrical shapes like triangles are present between the teeth. Black triangle teeth are not just a cosmetic issue but can also be a sign of a more serious oral health problem.  Normally, gum tissue envelops the base … Read more

Dead Tooth: Causes, Signs, Risks & Treatments

Teeth are one of the vital organs of the body, and they need oxygen and nutrients to stay alive. However, traumatic events can damage the internal tissue of the tooth, which can disrupt this process and result in the death of the tooth, hence the name dead tooth.  It’s important to know the warning signs … Read more

Sjögren’s Syndrome: Oral Signs, Symptoms & 7 Ways To Manage Them

Dry mouth or xerostomia is a common oral health problem that many people experience, especially older adults. On its own, it’s not anything serious, but it may be a symptom of an underlying health condition like Sjögren’s syndrome.   Dry mouth isn’t the only symptom of Sjögren’s as it is also usually accompanied by dry eyes. … Read more

Face Ageing Faster Than You Are? Missing Teeth May Be To Blame

Facial cosmetic surgery is more common than ever. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports a 10% increase in cosmetic surgery. Since 2019, the demand for Botox has risen by 54% and 75% for fillers. However, almost no one ever thinks that their teeth might be to blame when it comes to … Read more

Black Teeth: Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Having black teeth is not normal and can be indicative of an oral health issue. It can also cause cosmetic concerns, especially if it’s affecting the front teeth. There are different reasons for their development, and it’s important that you seek professional help immediately.  Here, it should be noted that black teeth don’t occur overnight. … Read more

Gum boil: Causes, Symptoms & 4 Ways To Get Rid Of It

The health of your mouth plays a significant role in your overall well-being. A dental problem like a gum boil can directly impact the quality of your life. That’s because it can be quite painful and usually a sign of an underlying infection.  If you have a gum boil, it is important that you get … Read more

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