Enamel Hypoplasia: Is It Dangerous and What Can You Do?

enamel hypoplasia

While it definitely doesn’t seem so, the enamel is the hardest substance in your body. Even your bones aren’t as strong as the enamel on your teeth.  Without this enamel, your teeth are vulnerable to all sorts of oral health problems. And this is what happens when you have enamel hypoplasia.  Enamel hypoplasia refers to … Read more

Why Is Gum Piercing A Threat To Your Oral Health?

gum piercing

Gum piercing might look trendy and cool, but it can have many not-so-cool consequences for your oral health. It can affect not only your gum tissue but also your teeth and jawbone underneath. So, even though gum piercings might seem fun from afar, you should be aware of the potential risks and complications. Another thing … Read more

Are Mini Dental Implants Worth It?

mini dental implants

Mini dental implants are becoming more popular because they’re cheaper and easier to recover from than traditional implants. However, unlike the traditional ones, they’re usually temporary.  Even so, many people would prefer getting them over dental implants to avoid the treatment timeline for traditional implants (which can sometimes take about a year). And while there … Read more

Bridge vs Crown: Everything You Should Know

bridge vs crown

Crowns and bridges are types of dental restorations that can be used both cosmetically and functionally. Many people, however, aren’t sure of the differences between the two,  hence the “bridge vs crown” debate.  There are some advantages to both, of course. For instance, if you’re missing a tooth, either a crown or bridge can prevent … Read more

Translucent Teeth: Do They Indicate A Serious Health Problem?

Translucent Teeth

If you look at your teeth closely in the mirror, you might notice that the bottom, biting edges of your teeth are semi-transparent. Many people have this, and it’s usually nothing to worry about. But when this translucency begins to spread, it’s never a good sign.  That’s because translucent teeth aren’t always normal. It can … Read more

All You Need To Know About Itchy Gums

itchy gums

People commonly complain of itchy gums despite not expecting the inside of their mouth to itch. This is especially true if they just had a dental treatment like root canal, extraction, filling, crown, dentures or implants.  Itchy gums aren’t something that you should take lightly because it’s usually a sign of a more serious oral … Read more

Sensitive Teeth After Crown Placement: A Complete Guide

sensitive teeth after crown placement

It’s common for people to experience tooth sensitivity after a dental procedure like the fitting of a crown. However, since it can be quite uncomfortable, especially considering it’s often accompanied by pain, many people wonder how long it will last.  But others worry if sensitivity is a sign of a more serious oral health problem. … Read more

Why You Need To Avoid Light Smoking After Dental Implants

light smoking after dental implants

More than a billion people around the globe smoke. Despite its dangers, it remains one of the most prevalent habits.  Considering the havoc that smoking cigarettes can wreak on the mouth, dentists strongly advise against smoking, especially before and after procedures like dental implant surgery. Still, many wonder if light smoking after dental implants would … Read more

Are Ronaldo’s Teeth Really His Own?

ronaldo teeth

Does the greatest player of all time even need introductions? You know who Ronaldo is. Even if you aren’t remotely interested in soccer, you know who Ronaldo/CR7 is.  That insane footwork aside (even his jumps are apparently 5 times more powerful than a cheetah), every inch of that man is a star, including his oh-so-gorgeous … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Gum Grafting

gum grafting 1

The gum tissue isn’t only important for holding teeth in place; it also protects the underlying tooth roots and jawbone, keeping the bacteria out.  So, when the integrity of the gum tissue is compromised, for one reason or another, you need treatment like gum grafting.  Through this, your dentist will repair the gum tissue that … Read more

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