Are Dental Veneers Easy To Maintain?

Considering that veneers aren’t natural teeth, many people wonder how much (or if any) maintenance they require. It doesn’t really require any extra effort, and it’s not hard, either. The fact of the matter is you should care for your veneers just as you would your natural teeth.

This, of course, includes having good oral hygiene and getting regular dental checkups. Still, when it comes to veneers, there are some things that you’d rather avoid, especially if you want them to last longer. 

Depending on the material from which the veneer is made, you might have to be extra careful about the kinds of food you eat. In this guide, you’ll learn the answer to “Are dental veneers easy to maintain,” how you can care for them and what things you should avoid to make them last longer. 

How Is Dental Veneer Care Done?

To care for your dental veneers, you need to do the following: 

  • Have good oral hygiene – You must brush your teeth twice a day and floss. Even with veneers on your teeth, you can experience tooth decay and gum disease if you don’t keep your teeth clean. 
  • Avoid hard foods – While porcelain veneers, in particular, are quite durable, you shouldn’t use your veneers to bite into hard foods like nuts or ice. Similarly, you shouldn’t use your veneers as tools or bite your nails with them. 
  • Wear a night guard – If you have an unconscious habit of grinding your teeth, you should consider wearing a night guard. Otherwise, your veneers can chip or fracture. 
  • Avoid foods that stain teeth – This is not so much of a problem with porcelain veneers, but because composite veneers are porous, they can stain easily. So, you shouldn’t consume a lot of red wine, coffee, teas, curries, tomatoes, berries, soy sauce or other veneer-staining foods. 
  • Don’t smoke – While smoking can stain your veneers, it can also cause other oral health problems which might affect their longevity. 
  • Get regular dental checkups – Because the teeth underneath your veneers can still decay or have other problems, you should make sure to get regular dental checkups (usually, it’s once every 6 months) to see if everything’s alright. 

Keep in mind that the properties of a veneer can change depending on the type of material. Porcelain lasts longer (could be 10 years or more) and is stain-resistant.


Composite veneers, on the other hand, might only last for 2-3 years and can stain more easily. So, the answer to how to care for dental veneers can vary. 

It might be possible to repair either type of veneer, but you might also end up needing new ones altogether if they’re damaged. 

How Often Do Veneers Need To Be Maintained? 

There are no special requirements for maintaining dental veneers. Caring for them will require daily effort through brushing, flossing, avoiding hard foods, etc. So, really, it comes down to how well you take care of your teeth. 

If your veneers feel a bit dull to you, it might even be possible to get them polished to restore their shine and improve their appearance (it can depend on the type of veneer you have). 

But if your veneer is broken or chipped, it’s a good idea to get it checked as soon as possible. The underlying cement can also get stained in this case, which can worsen the overall appearance of the teeth. 

Also, if you have veneers and are experiencing gum recession, you should consider getting an appointment with your dentist. Gum recession can cause a lot of problems on its own, but, again, the cement underlying the veneer can get stained and cause cosmetic problems. 

Can You Eat After Veneers? 

You can definitely eat after getting veneers, however, you might be advised to wait for a couple of hours to let the glue/dental cement do its work. 

Also, if you had to be under anaesthesia, you should wait until your mouth is no longer numb. That’s because you might unknowingly bite on your tongue or cheeks and injure yourself.

Pain in mouth

After 2 hours, you might be okay to start eating normally. But even then, avoid foods that are too hard as they can damage your veneers. Also, you should be prepared to experience some temporary sensitivity to hot and cold foods. 

Can You Drink Alcohol After Getting Veneers? 

In general, your dentist might advise you to not drink anything for a couple of hours. So, you may be okay to drink alcohol after that. Just keep in mind that drinking too much alcohol can affect your overall dental health. 

It can cause dryness in the mouth, lead to increased plaque formation, and might even lead to tooth decay and gum disease. All these factors can affect your natural teeth underneath the veneers, so your fake teeth might not last as long. 

Can You Brush Your Teeth After Veneers? 

Just like your natural teeth, you need to brush your veneers. Although, it’s advised that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a toothpaste that’s not too abrasive. The latter can be especially harmful to your composite veneers. 

Brushing teeth

If you want to keep your teeth clean, just make sure to follow the instructions of your dentist. And if there’s a problem, make sure to get checked. 


Dental veneer care is nothing special. You need to continue doing everything you used to do for your natural teeth. And it’s not like your natural teeth are gone. Veneers go over the existing teeth (but only cover the front surface). So, it’s important that you have good oral hygiene. 

However, to not have your veneers break or chip, you should follow your dentist’s instructions about avoiding hard foods. If your veneer ends up breaking, it might not always be possible to repair it. In that case, you’ll have to spend more money to get a new veneer.

Veneers are especially expensive in the UK, costing around £800. If you’re looking to get them, you can instead consider getting dental veneers in Turkey, where the starting price is £200. But in any case, do your research to find a qualified and experienced dentist. 

Reviewed and approved by Dr Izbel Aksit

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