Nicolas Cage’s Teeth: Are They Real?

With a career spanning decades, Nicolas Cage is one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood. Not to forget, he’s also a sensation on the internet with all the memes of his comically fabulous expressions. But in the midst of his celebrity, it’s quite easy to overlook his… teeth.

With all the reports about Nicolas Cage’s teeth, it’s hard to make sense of what has actually happened to them. In some accounts, they’ve been pulled out, while in others, they’ve been shaved. But when the cameras aren’t rolling, he’s got the perfect smile. So, what’s happening? Let’s find out!

Who Is Nicolas Cage?

Born on January 7, 1964 in California, Nicolas Kim Coppola (nephew of Francis Coppola) is an American actor who is known for his energetic performances in many action-packed films with him as the lead.

After a brief stint in TV, Nic made his Hollywood debut in 1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The following year, he landed himself the main role as Randy in Valley Girl, a film that was fairly well-received and also did quite well financially at the Box Office.

Another film of his that was released the same year and directed by Francis Coppola was Rumble Fish, although that one fared very poorly in contrast. Regardless, Nic had set foot in the industry, and with the exception of 1985, he has been a part of one released project or another every year since.

Not all of them were hits, but not all of them were misses, either. In fact, the actor has been a part of many, many iconic films, including National Treasure, Matchstick Men, Mandy, Dream Scenrio, etc. While there have been many critiques over Nic’s career choices and acting style in general, his status as a Hollywood A-lister is undeniable.

Did Nicolas Cage Shave His Teeth?

Nicolas Cage was widely reported to have shaved his teeth for the role of Dracula in Renfield in 2023, although these reports were dismissed by his co-star Nicholas Hoult. Yet, Nic might have already had his teeth shaved for the purpose of dental restorations.

In the 80s, when Nic was a part of almost back-to-back films, his teeth looked quite different from what they’re now. In the 1984 press interviews for Birdy, you could clearly see a gap between his front teeth.

They were also noticeably longer than his lateral incisors and sat in front of his lower teeth. Additionally, he was also missing a canine (the tooth next to the incisor) on the right side of his upper jaw.

It’s been widely reported that Cage had pulled out his baby teeth for the film Birdy (without anaesthesia at that) to look the part, so it might explain the gap.

For those wondering how Nic Cage had baby teeth in his adulthood – he was around 20 in the film – there are different conditions as a result of which this can happen. Tooth agenesis is one where adult one or more adult teeth can be missing, but it can also happen due to infection, trauma, etc.

In any case, while the missing teeth could’ve been replaced by implants with crowns on them, it’s possible that he had his other teeth reshaped as well for dental restorations like crowns or veneers – both of which require shaving existing teeth.

That’s because, by the early 90s, Nic’s teeth looked significantly even with no gaps whatsoever. His teeth have since become a bit wider, which might be because he’s had his old restorations replaced by newer ones.

The teeth on Dracula weren’t Nic’s real teeth, either. In an interview for Variety, the film’s makeup artist, Christien Tinsley said: “We shaved Nic’s teeth down and the dentures were fitted so as not to impede on Nic’s speech and allow full freedom”.

The Variety interview was published on April 6, 2023, and on April 13, 2023, Metro reported what Hoult had said about the shaving of Nic’s teeth. So, we aren’t exactly sure of what was done to Nic’s teeth for the film.

Did Nicolas Cage Get His Teeth Fixed?

Nicolas Cage probably had his teeth fixed through dental implants – an artificial metal rod that’s meant to act like a tooth root replacement – and dental crowns. For his other teeth, he wouldn’t have needed implants as crowns and veneers (assuming he had them) can be anchored on existing teeth.

However, in order to not make them appear too bulky and unnatural, a dentist will have to shave down the existing teeth. The extent of shaving can differ depending on the type of restoration.

It’s less so for veneers because they only cover the front surface of the tooth. However, with crowns, which surround the entire tooth, your dentist might’ve to shave 2 millimetres or more of your enamel.

Does Nicolas Cage Have False Teeth?

While Nic Cage hasn’t said anything about it himself, from his photos, it seems quite likely that he has false teeth, mainly because of how the shape of his teeth has changed.

At present, there’s no way to regrow your natural teeth. So, once the teeth have been shaven, you can’t grow them out them again. Restoration, however, is possible through treatments like composite bonding, veneers, crowns, dentures, etc.


Nicolas Cage’s teeth have gone through a significant transformation. All the gaps, unevenness and apparent discolouration are now all gone, which could potentially be thanks to cosmetic dentistry.

If you’re also looking to get your teeth fixed, make sure to consult an experienced and board-certified dental professional. They’ll prepare your treatment plan according to your needs and goals.

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