Which Celebrities Have Veneers?

A Hollywood smile that is perfectly straight, white, and even is not something that all celebrities are born with. Many celebrities have been spotted with braces or some other kind of dental appliance to fix their teeth. Other celebs, however, have had their issues resolved far more discreetly, seemingly overnight – probably thanks to cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry includes a number of treatments, from teeth whitening, dental implants, and gum contouring to dental bonding, crowns and veneers. The last two, in particular, have become fairly popular. In this blog, we’ll do a deep dive on celebrities with veneers or crowns.

Which Celebrities Have Veneers Or Crowns?

Following is a list of some celebrities who’ve allegedly had veneers or crowns, although a few of them have admitted to getting them.

Jennifer Lawrence

While on the press circuit for her film “Don’t Look Up,” Jennifer shared the story of her filming most of the movie while missing a tooth. In The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she divulged the details that it was actually a dental veneer that she’d knocked out while eating a sucker (lollipop).

She also said that once the veneer fell out, it looked “much worse” underneath because it was a “pointy fang.” If you don’t know, in order to place a veneer, a dentist has to shave off some of your natural teeth. It’s done minimally (so it’s not supposed to be a very short stub), and shaving is necessary because the veneer would look too bulky otherwise.

But looking at Jennifer’s old photos, it looks like she might’ve had these veneers on some of her other teeth as well. Her front teeth (central and lateral incisors) used to have somewhat jagged, scalloped edges. Not only are they smoothed out now, but their shape and sizes are also different, which might be because of veneers. Here’s what Jennifer’s teeth look like now:

Jennifer lawrence teeth

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara also has the picture-perfect Hollywood smile. But even though the Modern Family actress hasn’t admitted to getting any dental work done, it might be a possibility. The actress has always had a gorgeous smile, but in some of her older photos, there are gaps between her teeth, which are now all gone. Today, her smile is much more even, straight, and bright.

Sofia Vergara's teeth

Catherine Zeta-Jones

There is a noticeable difference between Catherine Zeta-Jones’ teeth now and what they used to be. The Wednesday actress’s teeth used to be a bit uneven, with a prominent gap between her right (your left) central and lateral incisors. But now, her teeth are much brighter, straighter and even – the quintessential Hollywood smile. So, she might be another celebrity with veneers or dental crowns.

Catherine Zeta Jones teeth

Demi Moore

Another Hollywood actress whose teeth have changed significantly is Demi Moore. The side teeth had visible discolouration before, and while they were generally straight, their size was small.

One time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Demi even shared a photo of herself with one of her front teeth knocked out, which she said happened because of stress.

In that photo of her missing a tooth, there was no short stub or metal sleeve visible, which might be because she has a crown bridge for her front teeth.

In a bridge, the natural teeth on either side of the gap are shaven to anchor it. The crowns in the middle then don’t necessarily need to be supported by your natural teeth or a dental implant. Even when you look closely, it doesn’t really look like a bridge because the results are quite natural-looking.

Demi Moore's teeth

Cardi B

Cardi B has made no secret of the fact that she had her teeth done. She’s sung about how the comments on her teeth used to make her feel and she had them fixed (while making it clear that the procedure wasn’t exactly cheap). It’s been reported that Cardi B had porcelain veneers for her smile transformation.

Cardi B's teeth

At the clinic where Cardi B had her celebrity veneers, each veneer costs $2,000. And if you’re considering full-mouth veneers there (can be 20), the cost can run up to $40,000. In contrast, a porcelain veneer in Turkey costs around $250, so you can get all your teeth done for $5,000 there.

Miley Cyrus

Growing up, Miley Cyrus was known for her distinctive gummy smile. However, that has since changed as the singer’s teeth look quite different now. It’s possible that she had a gum contouring surgery, but the shape and width of her teeth have changed as well, alluding to the possibility of crowns or veneers.

Miley Cyrus teeth before and after

Kylie Jenner

Is any discussion on cosmetic makeovers ever complete without mentioning the Kardashian-Jenner clan? The youngest sibling of the group actually had quite different teeth before. They were shorter, a bit jagged, and uneven.

Kylie Jenners teeth before and after

They also weren’t as white as they are now, but that’s something teeth whitening can fix – it’s the shape of her teeth that’s different. So, Kylie might’ve also had her Hollywood smile makeover with crowns or veneers.

Katie Price

While Katie frequently makes headlines for all the plastic surgery she’s had (or is planning to have), her teeth also got quite a bit of attention when she posted a video of herself with all her teeth reduced to stubs. The model has had dental crowns multiple times now, even though those restorations are supposed to last for 10-15 years.

Katie Prices teeth
Image Credit (R): Katie Price/Youtube


There’s a very famous picture of Ronaldo wearing braces. However, that might not have been the only thing Ronaldo did to fix his teeth. He was missing one of his lateral incisors, the edges of the teeth were also jagged and they were generally not even. But all that’s changed now, probably thanks to veneers or crowns.

Ronaldo teeth before and after

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s teeth have been the subject of much (a little too much) debate, especially the fact that his front tooth is in the middle of his face – not to forget the infamous picture from The Outsiders. While he also had braces to fix his teeth, it does look like he has veneers or crowns now.

Tom Cruise's teeth before and after

George Clooney

Another Hollywood superstar who might possibly have had dental restorations is none other than George Clooney. Previously, his teeth used to be on the shorter side, a bit uneven, gummy and discoloured as well. But now, like many others, he’s also got the million-dollar smile.

George Clooney teeth before and after

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s swoon-worthy smile is also thanks to a bit of cosmetic dentistry. However, the story behind his broken teeth is rather…daring, to put it one way.

While shooting for his film Fight Club, he dabbled with method acting to the extent that he went to a dentist to get his front teeth broken in order to look more like his character.

He had it “fixed” afterwards (probably with a veneer or crown), but keep in mind that teeth don’t grow back, so you shouldn’t go about breaking them on purpose. In 2022, Brad’s left tooth was again seen with a bit of a slight chip, so he might be in need of new restorations!

Brad Pitts teeth

Denzel Washington

Naturally, there’s always been a gap between Denzel’s front teeth – diastema. Reportedly, however, he had that gap covered with the help of dental caps (another name for dental crowns), although he also removed them for his film Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Denzel Washington teeth before and after

Now, seeing how Denzel’s teeth underneath the caps look so normal-sized, it’s possible that he might’ve had veneers instead of crowns. Veneers only cover the front surface of the teeth and don’t require as much shaving of the teeth as crowns do.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is another Hollywood star whose gnashers are not entirely his own. While he originally broke his front teeth as a result of a fight in school, he removed the cap on top of it (rather horrifyingly using a beer bottle) for his character in Dumb and Dumber. Of course, he’s since got it back on.

Jim Carreys teeth before and after

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage’s teeth look remarkably different now than they used to be. Not only did it look like he was missing teeth, but his teeth had other prominent gaps and were uneven and discoloured. It’s possible that he had a crown bridge to cover those gaps.

Nicolas cage fake teeth
Nicolas Cage probably has had his restorations changed over the years

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. However, he used to have a not-so-Hollywood smile with a front teeth gap, discolouration and unevenness. Now, it looks like he had dental restorations on his entire front teeth.

Morgan Freeman's teeth before and after

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr has openly admitted to getting his teeth done saying, “they’re more than veneers” – maybe because he is referring to dental crowns here, instead. He also mentioned that he “got every tooth” done in one sitting. There are hardly any photos of him that show his front teeth being messed up in any way. His new teeth look quite wide and straight, though.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell also quite famously got his teeth done (with many people trolling him for it). One time, he also lost a tooth while eating peanut brittle. His teeth used to be slightly more round and small but whether it’s crowns or veneers, they’re much straighter now.

Simon Cowells teeth before and after

David & Victoria Beckham

Both David and Victoria’s teeth look like they’ve been done over with dental restorations. Victoria’s teeth used to be a bit on the shorter side, while David’s teeth were a bit crooked/misaligned. They’ve all been straightened out now, though.

Victoria Beckhams teeth before and after
Image credit (left): Gerrit van Aaken from Hochheim am Main, Hesse, Germany, VictoriaBeckham, Cropped by Longevita, CC BY 2.0
David Beckham teeth before and after

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is another sportsman who’s probably had his teeth done. His teeth used to be a bit smaller with a tiny gap between his front teeth as well. However, they look slightly wider, which could be because of cosmetic dentistry.

Tom Bradys teeth before and after

Do Celebrities Get Veneers Or Crowns?

The choice between veneers or crowns doesn’t have anything to do with a person’s celebrity status. It comes down to what they need and what their dentist recommends accordingly. To our knowledge, there’s no research on how many celebs have had crowns vs veneers.

Just keep in mind that veneers are a bit more conservative than crowns because they only cover the front surface of the teeth. Crowns, on the other hand, engulf the underlying teeth in their entirety, so they require more shaving of the tooth enamel.

Crowns are more reserved for significant issues that have to do with decay, injury or trauma. Veneers are better for relatively minor issues like gaps, chips, or discolourations. But only (and only) your dentist can best advise you on this.

Do All Celebrities Have Veneers?

Not all celebrities have the need or want to get their teeth done with veneers. There are many celebrities who have naturally straight and beautiful teeth.

However, even they might seek minor treatments like teeth contouring or whitening to make sure that their teeth are in the best possible shape. Many have also worn braces (Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Emma Watson, Gwen Stefani, etc.) to fix any alignment issues.

On the other hand, there are celebrities with “bad teeth” that are not in line with the famous Hollywood smile. But as far as cosmetics are concerned, they’re very subjective, so it’s up to the celebrity to decide whether or not they want treatment.

Do Celebrities Get Veneers Or Lumineers?

Lumineers are just a type of veneer, and it’s possible for celebs to have had them in order to address any cosmetic concerns. Unlike veneers, lumineers are thinner and don’t require teeth prepping, so they’re also reversible.

But again, the choice of veneers vs lumineers comes down to the needs of that particular celebrity. If there’s more significant damage, because lumineers are thinner, they might not do a good job of hiding them.

How Do Celebrities Have Perfect Teeth?

Some celebrities are born with naturally beautiful teeth, but others (not all) get different dental treatments to “fix” their teeth, such as braces, crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, gum contouring, shaving, etc. There’s a reason why there’s a term called “Hollywood smile.”

Celebs might feel the pressure of looking their absolute best at all times as they’re constantly being followed by cameras. If not that, some also personally feel the need to change the appearance of their teeth (like Cardi B) because they feel unhappy with how they look.

How To Get Perfect Teeth Like Celebrities?

To get perfect teeth like celebrities, it’s better if you start by consulting a dental professional. They’ll assess what issues your teeth have and give you a treatment plan that will best suit your needs. Again, you might possibly be recommended one or more of the following:

  • Braces
  • Composite bonding
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Gum contouring
  • Teeth whitening
  • Teeth contouring

The problems aren’t always cosmetic, they can also be functional. For instance, a celebrity with receding gums might also consider/need scaling and root planing, gum graft, etc.

Where Do Celebrities Get Their Teeth Done?

There’s not necessarily one place where celebrities go to get their teeth done. In the US, Los Angeles (LA) is a place where a lot of celebrities live, so you might find many celebrity dental clinics there. London’s Harley Street is quite popular for catering to celebrities as well.

As well, Turkey has emerged as a popular destination among celebs looking to get their teeth done, like Akon, Dan Osborne, Katie Price, Love Island’s Jack Fincham, etc.

Although the last two celebrities raised a lot of alarm as they mistakenly ended up getting more invasive crowns instead of veneers in Turkey and Katie’s teeth were also botched. This problem isn’t unique to Turkey, which is why you must do your research to find a good dentist no matter where you live.


Celebrity teeth have a much bigger spotlight on them because many times, they’re considered the ideal standard of beauty (they might also “create” the said ideal, though). While not all celebs admit it, many get their teeth done to make sure they have the much-desired Hollywood smile.

But getting them at celebrity clinics would also likely come with a Hollywood price tag, which isn’t something that everybody can afford. For this reason, many common folks, including celebs. fly to Turkey to get their teeth done. Just make sure to do your research so you can find an excellent dentist for your smile makeover.

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