Does Strawberry Teeth Whitening Really Work?

strawberry teeth whitening

Strawberry teeth whitening refers to the practice of using a strawberry to “naturally” whiten the teeth at home.  Despite the trendiness of this new dental fad, people have been warned of its potential dangers, which include permanent enamel damage.  The strawberry itself is not dangerous; it’s the prolonged/frequent rubbing of it that can result in … Read more

Why Is Gum Piercing A Threat To Your Oral Health

gum piercing

Gum piercing might look trendy and cool, but it can have many not-so-cool consequences for your oral health. It can affect not only your gum tissue but also your teeth and jawbone underneath. So, even though gum piercings might seem fun from afar, you should be aware of the potential risks and complications. Another thing … Read more

Are Ronaldo’s Teeth Really His Own?

ronaldo teeth

Does the greatest player of all time even need introductions? You know who Ronaldo is. Even if you aren’t remotely interested in soccer, you know who Ronaldo/CR7 is.  That insane footwork aside (even his jumps are apparently 5 times more powerful than a cheetah), every inch of that man is a star, including his oh-so-gorgeous … Read more

What To Eat After A Dental Procedure: Do’s & Don’ts

what to eat after a dental procedure

After having your teeth done (or undone), you need to be careful about what you put in your mouth. At least for a while. That’s because there are some foods that can most definitely cause irreparable damage. And so, to avoid any hassle, it’s important to know about both general and procedure-specific guidelines following a … Read more

Is It Possible To Whiten A Discoloured Dental Crown?

can you get a crown whitened

After getting dental crowns, some people wonder if they can get them whitened just like natural teeth. The thing is, your artificial teeth can’t be whitened. That is because they aren’t actually teeth; they are teeth-coloured materials.  The other thing you need to understand here is that you don’t even need to get your teeth … Read more

The Phossy Jaw: What It Was and Why Is it Back?

Phossy jaw

Not so long ago, many workers were afflicted with industrial diseases due to exposure to toxic chemicals. One malady was that of the phossy jaw, its victims dubbed the “matchstick women” or the “match girls.” It was an epidemic that affected people from the middle of the 1800s to the beginning of the 1900s.  However, … Read more

Simon Cowell Teeth: What’s Wrong With His Blindingly Pearly Whites?

simon cowell teeth

There are two things that Simon Cowell is famously known for: his insults and ultra-white grin (contrary to the bad British teeth myth). Simon Cowell’s teeth have been a subject of much scrutiny and ridicule.  The X-factor supremo is no stranger to the world of smile makeovers, and since he is a man of money, … Read more

Face Ageing Faster Than You Are? Missing Teeth May Be To Blame

Facial cosmetic surgery is more common than ever. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports a 10% increase in cosmetic surgery. Since 2019, the demand for Botox has risen by 54% and 75% for fillers. However, almost no one ever thinks that their teeth might be to blame when it comes to … Read more

UK Registered Turkish Dentists Respond To The #TURKEYTEETH Debate

turkey teeth debate

There is a great deal of confusion regarding the surge of dental treatments in Turkey. Longevita has been offering dental treatments to UK patients to get treatment in Turkey since 2012. We feel it is our responsibility to inform the UK public about the safety of receiving dental treatments in Turkey. While Turkey is an … Read more

Brits Only Have Bad Teeth in Films

british teeth

Why British Actors Refuse To Fix Their Teeth It’s a long-running joke that the British have bad teeth. They have a reputation for having poor oral hygiene. And adding yellow icing to their teeth is their love for tea. One episode of “The Simpsons” famously featured the broken, missing, and decayed buck teeth of Prince … Read more

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