7 Reasons Why Turkey Is The Best Country for Dental Implants

There are different factors driving the demand for dental implants across the globe. However, since they can be prohibitively expensive, many people are choosing dental tourism.

And for that, they want to know about the best country for dental implants. For many reasons, Turkey has taken up that mantle. 

The country’s medical tourism industry has improved significantly since the 2003 healthcare reform. In 2020 alone, 100,000 people came to Turkey for dental work, according to the Turkish Dental Supplies Industry and Businessmen’s Association (DİŞSİAD).

It was further reported that dental implants were one of the “leading treatments.” 90% of patients were satisfied with their treatments in Turkey. 

Why Choose Turkey For Dental Treatment?

You can choose to have dental treatment in Turkey if you’re looking to save costs. It is possible to get dental treatments 50-70% cheaper in Turkey than in many Western countries such as the UK, US, and Canada. But that’s not the only reason why you should come to Turkey.

For the low cost, you can find some of the most experienced dental specialists in this country who can offer you high-quality private healthcare without any wait time.

Because many Turkish dentists get patients from English-speaking countries, they might also be able to communicate without any problems. Although to be on the safe side, your medical providers might also offer translators for you so everything goes smoothly.

Still, at the end of the day, low prices remain the most decisive factor when it comes to choosing dental implants Turkey or any other dental treatment.

Why Turkey Is the Best Country for Dental Implants? 

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why Turkey is becoming a popular destination for dental tourists looking to get implants.

It’s Affordable

In the UK, the cost of a single dental implant can be around £2,500. A full-mouth dental restoration can cost you more than £10,000.

This treatment also isn’t usually available on the NHS. It may be possible in the following instances only: 

  • The patient can’t wear dentures. 
  • The mouth of the patient has been damaged (e.g. due to cancer or an accident). 

So, you may not be able to get dental implants in many cases. Dental implants are necessary because they stop the deterioration of the jawbone.

Without them, you can end up experiencing facial collapse, which can cause aesthetic and functional problems. 

Pain in mouth

If you don’t get these early on, you might also need additional treatments like bone grafts or sinus lifting, which will only add to your expense.

However, unfortunately, the problem is that getting implants in the first place will also cost a lot, and not everyone can bear these costs.  

That’s where Turkey comes in, where the price of a single implant can be as much as £500, making it 5 times cheaper.

If you get this procedure during the seasonal sale or in addition to other dental treatments, you’re going to get a further price reduction.

dental implants

So, when you can get the same quality of dental implants five times cheaper, why wouldn’t you? That’s why it’s considered the best country for dental implants. 

The icing on the cake here is that clinics in Turkey also offer hotels, transfers, medications, and aftercare. These are booked at lower-than-average prices, so you are also able to save money there.

Even after adding in all the costs of tickets and consumables, Turkey is far cheaper compared to the UK or Europe. This explains its popularity among dental tourists and why it’s the best country for dental implants. 

No Wait Time 

Publicly funded NHS dentistry has been struggling because of underfunding.

According to the NHS Dental Statistics for England biannual report, 35.5% of the adult population was seen by an NHS dentist in the 24 months up to 31 December 2021. That is millions less than last year’s report. 

Dentist queue

Many dentists are also leaving the NHS. Fears of oral health inequality are also rising in the UK. There’s a huge dental backlog, and some patients have to wait for more than a year to get treatment.

Because of these problems, not many people are able to get access to timely treatment or any treatment at all. 

So, dental tourism helps overcome that problem. In a matter of days, you can get the treatment that you want and for much less. This is another reason why Turkey is the best country for dental implants. 

High-Quality Healthcare 

The presence of highly-trained, experienced and specialised dental surgeons in Turkey has been another driver of dental tourism. There have even been reports of doctors from the UK and Ireland coming to Turkey for training.

Many of them also have international accreditations, so the quality of care they provide is on par with the international standards of healthcare. They also have malpractice insurance. 

dental clinic
Dental Clinic in Turkey

It’s not just the doctors, though. The dental facilities in Turkey also make the experience quite pleasant for patients. Technology has made it possible for dentists to perform better treatments since they have access to the latest inventions from other countries.

The medical facilities are regulated by the Ministry of Health, and they have to follow its guidelines.

So, people are able to receive high-quality treatments for a lower cost than they would have in their home country. This is one of the biggest reasons why Turkey is the best country for dental implants.

Familiarity With Country’s Culture 

According to Worlddata.info, around 16 million tourists visited Turkey in 2020, generating a revenue of more than 13 billion dollars.

Many people coming to Turkey have also vacationed there, so they’re familiar with it. In addition, Turkey is a melting pot of cultures, being at the junction of East and West and having been ruled by different empires. 

Turkey medical tourism

These things make it easier to “blend in.” Since so many people come here for vacations, they are familiar with the infrastructure. Therefore, they may end up considering Turkey for any future dental work.

People Can Speak English

One thing that many people worry about before coming to Turkey is whether or not the medical staff will be fluent in English.

This concern is understandable since the patient needs to clearly articulate their needs and expectations. However, there are people in Turkey who are fluent in English. 

This is especially so in popular tourist destinations like Istanbul, Izmir, or Ankara. Still, to be on the safe side, you should seek out a clinic that offers translation services so that the communication is seamless. 

Proximity To Europe, Asia & Middle East 

Turkey is an Asian and European country. It is bordered by 8 countries, including those in the Balkans and the Middle East. From the UK and Europe, the flight time is around 4 hours. 

It’s easy enough to find a cheap airline ticket to Turkey and be there in a matter of hours if you’re travelling from nearby countries.

And since so many countries are near Turkey, it puts it at an advantage. This is another reason for Turkey being the best country for dental implants. 

It’s Beautiful 

Almost anyone who comes to Turkey is blown away by how beautiful it is. For many people, it’s not just about getting dental implants but also being in a place that allows them to recuperate peacefully. Turkey provides such as the environment. 

You may have heard a lot about its food, culture and popular tourist spots like Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower, and Topkapi Palace.


However, there’s so much more. The place brims with natural beauty, with the Bosphorus Strait being the most popular of it all. However, there are also other places like: 

  • Belgrad Forest 
  • Ataturk Arboretum
  • Emirgan Park 
  • Uzunya Beach
  • Polonezköy
  • Village of Kartepe

This list is by no means exhaustive. There’s something to charm the eye in every corner, and there’s much to do for a tourist.

Some people choose to come in days earlier than their treatment just so that they can relax and roam around. There are different things to do in different seasons. 

You can go sleighing, skiing, or hot air ballooning in the winter, or visit the beach or go sailing in the summer. If you’re in Turkey in the autumn, you might want to visit Bozcaada, which is known for its vineyards.

The spring season is a great time to enjoy some festivals taking place like tulips, artichokes, and mushrooms. It’s also a great time to go hiking. 

Depending on the kind of treatment you receive, you may be able to be a tourist afterwards. And it is something that many people look forward to. This alone makes it more than just the best country for dental implants. 

What You Need to Know about Dental Treatment In Turkey?

While there are many success stories of patients getting their teeth done in Turkey, the practice has gotten flak (especially from the media) for ruining people’s teeth (the #turkeyteeth). This can make anyone question the safety of dental treatments in Turkey.

But the truth is that you can find well-reputable, qualified and registered dentists in Turkey. That is not to say there aren’t any bad clinics here.

Because of the high demand for cosmetic and functional dentistry, some inexperienced “dentists” have also started to offer their services, and they might even do it illegally. However, that’s a problem that you can encounter in many countries of the world (including the Western world).

Do your research (check reviews, read forums, find the average price quote for Turkey teeth in an area, check your dentist’s credentials, clinic’s registration, etc.), and you can find a good dentist at a good price.

This will ensure that you also experience the best of Turkey when you’re getting your dental implants. 

The Benefits of Dental Treatment in Turkey

The benefits of getting dental treatments in Turkey have been highlighted above. It can include things such as:

  • Qualified and experienced dentists
  • No long wait times (during which your condition might worsen)
  • Quick, efficient and a professional service
  • Affordable cost (you might also be able to pay in instalments)
  • Comprehensive medical travel plans with aftercare
  • Lots of tourist attractions

Before paying for anything, make sure to check all the inclusions in your medical travel plan so you don’t have any surprise billing at the end.

Things to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants In Turkey 

Before getting dental implants in Turkey, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • You’ll visit the country twice – The first time, the implant will be fitted. After 3-6 months, you’ll have to come again for the placement of your permanent crowns.
  • You might need additional procedures – For a dental implant, you need to have a strong and sufficient bone structure. If that’s not the case, you might need a bone graft or sinus lift (different procedures). Also, you might need tooth extraction before implants.
  • Your implants are meant to be permanent – The procedure might be a bit time-consuming and expensive, but dental implants essentially fuse with your jawbone, so they’re designed to last a lifetime.
Dental implant in bone

Even with multiple visits to Turkey and the additional procedures (if needed), you’ll find Turkey to be quite cheap.

Concluding Remarks 

There are many reasons why people get dental implants. However, the cost of a single implant can cost thousands of pounds, dollars, or Euros. That is one of the biggest reasons why people come to Turkey to get dental implants.

The low cost doesn’t compromise the quality either. It is low as a result of the economy of Turkey and the low cost of living there. 

Other than the cost, people also consider Turkey the best country for dental implants because they don’t have to experience long wait times. Early treatment doesn’t further complicate their oral health problems.

Since so many come for vacations here, they’re also familiar with it or don’t find it difficult to blend in. Lastly, the country’s simply a sight for sore eyes, which is why so many enjoy their stay here.

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